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How To Use Cloudflare API Console [Guide]


1) Fill in the username and APIkey


2) Then, click the List All Domains Button.


3) Now, You have a chance to remove some of the domains from the lookup list that you are not intend to change.

It will be very useful when you have 1000+ domain and you just want to modify 20 of them. You may only want to load 20 of them into cache instead of loading all of them into cache.


4) Click Get All DNS Records to get all records listed in the lookup list.


5) After that, you can start to use below section to Add New DNS Records or delete DNS records.

Tips: Use @ instead of the full domain names when you are doing bulk add for different domains.



6) Advanced Mode

  1. Click Add New Or Open Template
  2. Fill in the “Add DNS Records into Top Panel” Section and click Add new records (Tips: Use @ instead of Domain Names)
  3. The Records are now showed up on top right panel.
  4. Now, you can choose add the DNS Records to All Domains or Select Domains from the bottom left.
  5. Then you can preview the pending add records via bottom right panel, if everything all right, click the green button to sync it back to main panel.


7) After you made all the changes, click the “Green Sync Back ” button to send the API requests to Cloudflare to make the changes.

If you found that you mess up somethings and don’t want to submit the changes, you can click “Get All DNS Records” to startover.



With this software, you can managed 1000+ domains DNS Records using Cloudflare with ease.


Common Usage

Change an existed A records to a new IP address


  • Filter Out the IP address you want to change using filter builder [You can open it by clicking the edit filter button]

  • Highlight and Bulk Edit the IP address you want to change

  • Review the pending change (If your screen resolution is limited, you may want to slide the middle panel to minimize)

Cloudflare API Console - Review the pending change



Here is a little secret that many SEO experts will not tell you,  Dropcatch expired domains for SEO to save money.


It’s really common that SEO experts and online marketers keep buying expired domains for link building and traffic redirect purpose.

There are too many blogs talks about this topic and we are not going to go into details.

Since there’re more and more people buying expired domains with backlinks from expired domain auction, most of the expired domains listed on auction are likely fall into bidding war. The final bidding price can be very high and your cost will be very expensive. It’s really common to see an expired domains finally for bid up to the price range between high $XXX and even $XXXX.

The little secret is there’re still a portion of domains will never fall into expired auction and they’re remain undetected by the public.

In this case, you may want to re-register expired domain using our DropCatch Software, it is now the cheapest way to acquire domains with backlinks for SEO purpose.


If you’re new to dropcatch software, we recommend you to start with our Dynadot dropcatch software. It supports more than 270+ Domain Extensions, including many domain extensions that currently don’t have well-known backorder service provider. 

Buy DropCatch Monster – Dynadot API  To Dropcatch Expired Domains For SEO. 

If you currently actively bidding expired domains on expired auction to build backlinks, you will found that many expired domains with backlinks bid up to a ridiculous price.


Want to try something new ?

Get the Dropcatch Software Today !

The price is only $49 USD.

So what are you waiting for?

DropCatch Monster - Dynadot API - Dropcatch Software







We are glad to announce that Virtualmin API Console For Domain Management is released.

Virtualmin API Console For Domain Management will allow you to bulk add / delete domains into Virtualmin, domains can be added as a Top-Level server or Alias server (Add on Domains).

This tool will save you a lot of time if you want to self-host your domain portfolio site with 1000+ domains.

Since Virtualmin API Console For Domain Management only provides limited functions, It will bundle into Virtualmin API Console for DNS Records for FREE.



Virtualmin API Console For Domain Management


Virtualmin API Console For Domain Management 2

You can bulk delete domains (Virtualmin Called them Virtual Server)

Virtualmin API Console For Domain Management 3

It’s not a good idea to Access Virtualmin API Remotely using root account. Therefore you should create a new user solely for Virtualmin API remote access. Webmin-> Webmin Users -> Create a new privileged user Set the username and password  Tick the Virtualmin Virtual Server under Servers section, then click ‘Create’ button     Now […]


We have received a few emails asking about how fast is our dropcatch software? Is there any tips in drop catching domains?


The answer:  in the game of domain drop catching, speed is everything.


The connection latency between your server and registrar server play a critical role and dramatically affect the successful rate.

Imagine that you’re using home server while you’re located in Asia Country. You possibly only get around 2 or 3 responses per second.

If you want to improve the drop catching speed you will have to rent a VPS / dedicated server located in US.

6 responses within a second with VPS located in US, 

Faster Domain Dropcatch Speed with VPS

Above screenshot is captured from one of our VPS, which is hosted on Vultr with windows server 2016 installed.

In above demonstration, the plan we subscribe is High Frequency Plan, Seattle Server, 128GB NVMe, 2CPU, 4GB RAM, which costs $24 per month at Vultr. I personally advice you to rent a server with at least 4Gb ram for reliable performance.


You can use our link to get free $100 credits to test Vultr for Free.

So, what are you waiting for?

Sign up today and happy Drop catching





Here is the guide how to create your own windows installation ISO bootdisk, which will allow you to pre-load all the necessary drivers which are required by Vultr VPS environment.


Windows Server 2016 ISO




Product Spotlight – Your Domain Selling Store with SyncNames

With SyncNames,  you will able to add 1000 + domains for sale into your WordPress +Woo Commerce Store in less than 10 minutes.


  • Import CSV (Marketplace CSV file with price) into Left Panel,

  • Then, import the blank [woo_products.csv] into Right Panel

  • Sync left Panel into Right Panel

  • SyncBack into woocommerce blank CSV, you will have to map the fields again.

  • The CSV Preview is now generated. Click the hide the unimportant columns to improve readability.


  • Highlight the rows which you want to auto create the html escrow button, you can also use Ctrl+A to select all. It will auto generate different html code for every domains.  The html code is inside EscrowButton.txt and it can be modify to best fit your needs.  Finally, don’t forget to create the CSV file.


  • If you choose to use the escrow button, you will also have to modify the following WordPress setting before you import the CSV file into WooCommerce or otherwise your upload CSV will be blocked by WordPress default security setting.



  • Go to the Product Tab and Click Start Import


  • Click Next in this screen

  • It will take a while for 1000+ Domains

  • 978 Domains are imported. Really Simple  !


  • Your Store Front with WooCommerce (Default Theme)


  • Product Page (A paid theme)




So, what are you waiting for?

Save your valuable time and get the right tool to do the job right.

Happy Domaining!



We are glad to announce that DAN API Console Version 1.3.3 has been Released.

  • CSV file import is now fully supported and improved.
  • Mapping Feature enabled you import almost all CSV files download from different marketplaces or registrar. Import CSV From Other Marketplace such as Afternic
Screenshot of import Afternic CSV file
  • Support Print, Export to Image,  PDF , etc.



Save your valuable time and get the right tool to do the job right. Happy Domaining!






Dropcatch Software (DropCatch Monster) support two modes. It’s simple and easy to use.

Mode 1 = Manual mode, you just press the RUN NOW button. It never stop until you press the stop button.
Mode 2 = Schedule mode, you set the starting time and how long it will run for. When the duration has reached, The program will stop automatically.

Let’s say

DomainA drop in 3PM

DomainB drop in 6PM

Domain C drop in 8PM.

You may want to open three applications and set them accordingly.

Feel free to download the free demo version and try out how it works.


Happy Drop Catching!

We have released different version of Dropcatch Software and our customers may confuse which one they should purchase.

We rated them in following order.

  1. Dynadot
  2. eNom
  3. NameSilo
  4. OpenProvider

If your budget is limited and plan to purchase one software only, Dynadot is your best choice. Then eNom, follow by  NameSilo and finally OpenProvider. You may want to buy all the software to increase your chance for a successful dropcatch.


Hope this help for the newcomer and good luck on Dropcatching!




Which Domain Extensions Are Supported By DropCatch Monster [Dynadot]

More Than 270+ Domain extensions are supported. Visit following link for the full list.

  • .ACTOR
  • .AG
  • .ARCHI
  • .ARMY
  • .ASIA
  • .AT
  • .AUDIO
  • .BAR
  • .BE
  • .BEER
  • .BEST
  • .BID
  • .BIKE
  • .BIO
  • .BIZ
  • .BLACK
  • .BLUE
  • .BUILD
  • .BUZZ
  • .BZ
  • .CA
  • .CAB
  • .CAMP
  • .CARDS
  • .CARE
  • .CASH
  • .CC
  • .CEO
  • .CHEAP
  • .CITY
  • .CLUB
  • .CN
  • .CO
  • .CODES
  • .COM
  • .COOL
  • .DANCE
  • .DE
  • .DEALS
  • .DESI
  • .EMAIL
  • .EU
  • .FAIL
  • .FARM
  • .FISH
  • .FM
  • .FUND
  • .GIFT
  • .GIFTS
  • .GLASS
  • .GRIPE
  • .GUIDE
  • .GURU
  • .HAUS
  • .HORSE
  • .HOST
  • .HOUSE
  • .IM
  • .IN
  • .INFO
  • .JETZT
  • .KIM
  • .KIWI
  • .KOELN
  • .LA
  • .LAND
  • .LC
  • .LEASE
  • .LIFE
  • .LIMO
  • .LINK
  • .LOANS
  • .LT
  • .ME
  • .MEDIA
  • .MENU
  • .MN
  • .MOBI
  • .MODA
  • .MOE
  • .MX
  • .NAME
  • .NAVY
  • .NET
  • .NINJA
  • .NYC
  • .ONL
  • .OOO
  • .ORG
  • .PARTS
  • .PH
  • .PHOTO
  • .PICS
  • .PINK
  • .PLACE
  • .PRESS
  • .PRO
  • .PUB
  • .PW
  • .QPON
  • .RED
  • .REST
  • .RICH
  • .ROCKS
  • .RODEO
  • .RUHR
  • .SARL
  • .SC
  • .SCOT
  • .SEXY
  • .SHOES
  • .SO
  • .SOLAR
  • .SOY
  • .SURF
  • .SX
  • .TAX
  • .TEL
  • .TIPS
  • .TODAY
  • .TOKYO
  • .TOOLS
  • .TOWN
  • .TOYS
  • .TRADE
  • .TV
  • .UK
  • .UNO
  • .US
  • .VC
  • .VEGAS
  • .VET
  • .VODKA
  • .WANG
  • .WATCH
  • .WIEN
  • .WIKI
  • .WORKS
  • .WS
  • .WTF
  • .XXX
  • .XYZ
  • .ZONE