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DropCatch Monster – Dynadot API [DEMO VERSION]



DropCatch Monster - Dynadot API (DEMO VERSION)

DropCatch Monster – Dynadot API [DEMO VERSION]

  • Demo version only able to Drop catching It will not allow you to register other domains.
  • Supports Latest Advanced API v3



DropcatchMonster - Dynadot API DEMO Version



How it’s work?


  1. Register / Login at
  2. Refill your Dynadot account with paypal
  3. Get the API key
  4. Add your ip into white list
  5. Fill the API key into Dropcatch Monster and you’re all set.



How to get the API key from Dynadot?

Click Tools-> API after login

  1. Request the API key
  2. Add your IP into White List


How To fix The requested security protocol is not supported Error?

How To Fix The Requested Security Protocol Is Not Supported.


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